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Lukin, KA, Tatyanko, DN, Shiyan, YA, Yurchenko, LV, Bazakutsa, AV

O. Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
12, Proskura st., Kharkov, 61085, Ukraine
Е-mail: lukin.konstantin@gmail.com, lukin@ire.kharkov.ua

3, Industrialna st., Kharkiv, 61106, Ukraine
Е-mail: info@optel.com.ua

Language: russian

The paper presents the creation results of the optical low-coherent reflectometer based on spectral interferometry with a heterodyne frequency transfer into the radiorange that allows to measure distances of tens of kilometers. The reflectometer layout for micro-distances based on fiber-optic Fabry-Perot interferometer and broadband infrared source was designed, fabricated and tested. Based on these investigations the feasibility and advisability of using the low-coherence spectral interferometry method for reflectometry measurements of distances for fiber-optic communication lines was demonstrated.

Keywords: broadband sources of optical radiation, high-brightness light emission diodes, optical low-coherence reflectometry, spectral interferometry, the heterodyne frequency transfer

Manuscript submitted  10.02.2015
PACS 07.60.Hv; 42.81.Cn; 42.81.Dp
Radiofiz. elektron. 2015, 20(2): 90-96
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