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Bilous, OI, Bryuzginova, NV, Sirenko, SP, Fisun, AI

O. Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
12, Proskura st., Kharkov, 61085, Ukraine
E-mail: obel@ire.khrakov.ua

Language: russian

UHF-radiation is used in medicine for medical treatment and diagnostic. Low-level and super low-level radiation influence is named as the information one. In this case the heat balance of bioobjects is unchanged. The UHF-autohemotherapy with microwave blood activation is one of the ways of the present-day physiotherapy. In this paper it has been proposed to monitor the efficiency of this physiotherapeutic procedure by means of testing the electrophoretic mobility of nuclei of buccal epithelium cells. The set of the experiments is carried out for the purpose of corroboration of the possibility to make an estimation of the neurological pathology treatment in traditional medical way and by the UHF-autohemotherapy.

Keywords: blood activation, electromagnetic waves, negative potential of nucleus, UHF-autohemotherapy

Manuscript submitted 27.10.2015 г.
PACS     87.50.-a
Radiofiz. elektron. 2015, 20(4): 98-101
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