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Lysenko, AV, Oleksiienko, GA

Sumy State University
2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine
E-mail: lysenko_@ukr.net

Language: Russian

A cubic-nonlinear theory of a plasma-beam superheterodyne free electron laser (PBSFEL) with H-ubitron pump and non-axial injection of electron beam has been constructed. In the investigated system the parametric resonance interaction between a space-charge wave and cyclotron wave is realized. The signal wave saturation levels have been determined. It has been found that the mode using a slow cyclotron wave has the highest saturation level among all possible operation modes of the PBSFEL with H-ubitron pump. The injection angle of the beam at which the electromagnetic signal gain is maximal has been determined. It has been shown that PBSFELs using slow cyclotron waves are able to create a powerful coherent electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter wavelength range.

Keywords: beam-plasma instability, parametric resonance, superheterodyne free electron laser

Manuscript submitted  11.01.2016
PACS     41.60.Cr; 52.59.Ye
Radiofiz. elektron. 2016, 21(1): 48-54
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