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Ivzhenko, LI, Yudina, DI, Tarapov, SI

O. Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
12, Proskura st., Kharkov, 61085, Ukraine
V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
4 Svobody Sq., Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
14, Nauki ave., Kharkiv, 61166, Ukraine

E-mail: ivzhenko@ire.kharkov.ua , iudina.darja2013@yandex.ua , tarapov@ire.kharkov.ua

Language: Russian

At present, the study of such a phenomenon as "defect mode" is topical. Defect modes arise from the violation of periodicity in photonic crystals. This interest is due to the periodicity violations in nature occurring more often than the ideal periodicity. Available to date theoretical studies of defect modes in artificial media (metamaterials) give only a qualitative description of this effect. In this paper the experimental analysis of spectral properties of the anisotropic wire medium in the microwave range of wave-band is given. We experimentally observed the occurrence of defect modes in the band gap of the transmission spectra of wire medium metamaterial with spatial defect. The frequency dependence of transmission peaks location on the defect layer thickness is analyzed. The quantitative agreement between the experimental data and the numerical ones is shown. The research results are useful in the development of various telecommunication devices: filters, couplers, attenuators, electromagnetic sensors, lenses with subwavelength resolution, small-sized antennas objects "invisible" at a certain frequency range and others.

Keywords: defect modes, metamaterial, wire medium

Manuscript submitted 18.05.2017
PACS 42.25.Gy, 41.20.Jb, 07.57.Pt
Radiofiz. elektron. 2017, 22(2): 11-16
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