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Gribovsky, AV

Institute of Radio Astronomy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
4, Mystetstv St., Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
E-mail: grib@rian.kharkov.ua

Language: Russian

In connection with the urgency of creating new metamaterials, multilayer interference structures are recently of great interest. The quasiperiodic sequence of Fabry–Perot resonators based on plane screens of finite thickness with rectangular holes are investigated. It is shown that the finite sequence of Fabry–Perot resonators of flat screens of finite thickness with rectangular holes in the frequency region below the cutoff frequency of rectangular waveguides has the ability to localize electromagnetic energy in the regions of the resonators. The amplitude of the field in resonators at resonant frequencies can exceed the amplitude of the plane wave exciting the structure under investigation by almost an order of magnitude. It is established that an increase in the number of resonators leads to an increase in the number of the total passage resonances of a plane wave through a system of resonators. This structure behaves like an electromagnetic crystal that has zones of «blocking» and zones of «transmission» of electromagnetic waves at frequencies much higher than the cutoff frequency of rectangular waveguides.

Keywords: electromagnetic crystal, Fabry–Perot resonator, rectangular waveguide, reflection coefficient, screen of finite thickness, transverse waveguide

Manuscript submitted 25.05.2017
PACS 41.20.–q
Radiofiz. elektron. 2017, 22(3): 3-7
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