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Kolosov, SV, Kuraev, AA, Zaitseva, IE

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
6 P. Brovki Street, Minsk 220013 Belarus
E-mail: kolosov@bsuir.by

Language: Russian

The article describes a new type electronic device - gyroton on a corrugated resonator. In this device there is no spatial grouping of the electron beam, but it is possible to achieve a high conversion factor of the power of the electron beam into the power of the electromagnetic rotating wave. Straight-line at the input of the device, the electron beam gives its longitudinal energy to the same wave with an efficiency of more than 80 % due to its initial deviation from the axis of the slowed down TM11-wave. The me-thod described in the article reduces the 3D-problem to the 1D-problem, which increases the speed and accuracy of the solution of the boundary value problem. The developed mathematical model is the basis for a computer program for calculating and optimizing the interaction of relativistic electron flows with the fields of irregular round waveguides Gyro-K, which is a part of the software complex KEDR.
The developed mathematical model of interaction processes of the relativistic electron beam with the fields of irregular circular waveguides and resonators makes it possible to carry out a theoretical analysis of the operation of a gyrotron generator with a corrugated resonator. As a result, the article demonstrated the possibility of providing an electronic efficiency of more than 80% and an output power of up to 30 MW for the developed gyroton mathematical model on a corrugated resonator.

Keywords: gyroton, irregular waveguide., microwave devices

Manuscript submitted 29.06.2016
PASC 84.40.Ik
Radiofiz. elektron. 2017, 22(3): 37-46

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