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Radar monitoring of long surface waves in the pacific ocean

Velichko, SA, Matveev, АY, Bychkov, DM, Ivanov, VK, Tsymbal, VN, Gavrilenko, OS

O.Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of the NASU
12, Acad. Proskura St., Kharkov, 61085, Ukraine
E-mail: ayamatweev2017@gmail.com

Language: ukranian

Subject and Purpose. The paper addresses interaction processes going in the oceanatmosphere system and is concerned with their research by the method of radar remote sensing. Specifically, the matter of concern is the detection and parameter estimation of long waves, including nonlinear ones, on the ocean surface.

Methods and Methodology. In August 1988, a series of successive radar surveys of long surface wave manifestations on the Pacific Ocean surface was carried out in the 3 cm wave range by means of an airborne X-band radar system “Analog”. The analysis of the results includes estimation of both spatial and frequency features of the detected long-wave packets and, also, a comparison of the measurement results with model calculations performed in the framework of theory of radio wave scattering by the sea surface in the presence of seismic wave effects.

Results. Radar images of wave packets of long surface waves in the open ocean have been obtained. From the imaging data, the spatial scale (5…10 km) of these waves, the lengths (1…5 km) of wave packet components and the wave packet velocity (6.1 m/s) have been derived. Analysis has been given to the nonlinear form of wave packet components, and their amplitudes have been estimated by comparing the experimental and theoretically obtained radio contrasts. The bathymetry of the surface-wave track has been performed to suggest that the observed wave packet represents a set of solitons generated by a seismic impact with the further underwater collapse. 

Conclusions. A possibility has been demonstrated for monitoring wave packets of long surface waves in their propagation dynamics. The experiments of the sort for gaining a deeper insight into the oceanatmosphere interaction physics can be conducted by means of not only airborne but also spaceborne radar systems with allowance made for the rate of surveys in both time and space.

Keywords: radar method, seismic impact, soliton, surface wave packet

Manuscript submitted 22.06.2020
Radiofiz. elektron. 2021, 26(1): 3-11
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