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Anon. Leonid F. Chernogor (to the 70th anniversary of his birthday). 2020 ;25(2).
Lysenko AV, Oleksiienko GA, Volk II. Longitudinal electrostatic field effect on width of multiharmonic space-charge wave frequency spectrum in two-stream superheterodyne FEL with a helical electron beam. 2020 ;25(1):70-79.
Derkach VN, Alekseev EA, Golovashchenko RV, Ostryzhnyi YM, Meshcheryakov AA, Tarapov SI. A low temperature study of electromagnetic energy loss in low-loss materials in the 110…140 GHz frequency range. 2020 ;25(3):42-53.
Pashchenko RE, Ivanov VK, Tsyupak DO. Modeling of drone-reflected doppler signals using fractal nondifferentiable functions. 2020 ;25(3):16-25.
Matveev AY, Velichko SA, Bychkov DM, Ivanov VK, Tsymbal VN, Yefimov VB, Gavrilenko AS. Modification of sattelite radar multi-angle method for measuring parameters of emergency oil spills on the sea. 2020 ;25(2).
Mospan LP, Kirilenko АА, Kulik DY, Steshenko SО. Numerical modeling of frequency-selective surfaces perforated by U-shaped slots. 2020 ;25(1):3-10.
Anon. Petr M. Melezhik (to the 70th anniversary of his birthday). 2020 ;25(2).
Artemenko AN, Karlov VD, Kirichenko YV, Lonin YF. A planar plasma antenna with a dielectric coat. 2020 ;25(1):50-59.
Kornienko YV, Liashenko I, Pugach VV, Skuratovskiy SI. On the potential of the total phase accumulation method in object observations through earth’s atmosphere. 2020 ;25(3):60-67.
Pedenko YA. Radar multifrequency measurement of elevation angles of low-altitude targets above the sea using the ROOT-MUSIC method. 2020 ;25(1):28-37.