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Galyuk, YP

St. Petersburg University
35, University Avenue., St. Petersburg, Peterhof 198504, Russia
E-mail: galyuck@paloma.spbu.ru

Language: russian

The interest in the phenomenon of Schumann resonances arises from the fact that it is one of the few tools that can help you learn the properties of the lower ionosphere, the measurement of which by direct methods is extremely difficult (the satellites are flying above, and weather balloons – below). The phenomenon is caused by the presence of circumnavigation electromagnetic waves in the range of ultra-low frequencies, caused by the global thunderstorm activity. In solving inverse problems it is extremely important to have the most adequate mathematical model of the phenomenon, changing the parameters of which, one can achieve the perfect match between theory and experiment. The article sets out strict methods of calculation of ELF fields in the model of regular waveguide “Earth-isotropic ionosphere”, as well as the electric and magnetic components of the noise power.

Keywords: Legendre functions, Monte Carlo method, profiles conductivity of the ionosphere, Schumann resonances, the world thunderstorm activity, ultra-low frequency

Manuscript submitted  12.10.2015 г.
PACS     92.60.Ta, 94.20.Bb, 94.20.Ws
Radiofiz. elektron. 2015, 20(4): 3-9
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