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Hе  Shi,  Kokodiy  N.G.,  Kaydash  M.V.,  Shulga  S.N., Pogorelov  S.V. 
Interaction  of  thin  metal  wires  with microwave  radiation  in  а  waveguide  (longitudinal geometry)
Language: russian
Radiofiz. elektron. 2019, 24(3): 3-8
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Bryukhovetski A.S.  and  Vichkan’ A.V.  
Wave  field  of acoustic antenna in uniform subsonic flow
Language: russian
Radiofiz. elektron. 2019, 24(3): 9-20
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Nickolaenko A. P., Galuk Yu. P., Hayakawa M.
Interpretation of observations of global electromagnetic resonance by ionosphere non-uniformity localized over the earthquake center 
Language: Russian
Radiofiz. elektron. 2019, 24(3): 21-29
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Matveev А.Ya., Velichko S.A., Bychkov D.M., Ivanov V.K., Tsymbal V.N., Yefimov V.B., Gavrilenko A.S.
Multi- frequency and multi-angle radar methods application peculiarities for parameters estimation of oil pollutions on sea surface 
Language: Russian 
Radiofiz. elektron. 2019, 24(3): 30-44
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Bezgina I.P., Yeremka V.D., Yeremka D.V., Mitsenko I.M., Halameida D.D.
Automatic frequency control system of a pulsed magnetron 

Language: russian 
Radiofiz. elektron. 2019, 24(3): 61-66
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Ovsyanikov  V.V.,  Svinarenko  D.M.,  Beznosova  E.R., Tsypko L.Z. 
Methods  of  calculating  linear  arbitrarily curved antennas with complex and reactive loads 

Language: russian 
Radiofiz. elektron. 2019, 24(3): 67-82 
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Yuriy Konstantinovich Sirenko (to the 70th  anniversary of his birthday)
language: Russian 
Radiofiz. elektron. 2019, 24(3): 83-84 
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