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Anon. Alexei A. Kostenko To the 75th anniversary of his birth. 2021 ;26(2):67-68.
Mytsenko IM, Khalameyda DD. Daily dependence of x-band radio signal attenuation between geostationary satellite and earth terminals. 2021 ;26(2):10-15.
Yeliseyeva NP, Berdnik SL, Katrich VA. Directional radiation properties of two impedance monopoles mounted on a perfectly conducting rectangular screen. 2021 ;26(2):54-66.
Averkov YO, Prokopenko YV, Yakovenko VM. Eigenwave spectra of a solid-state plasma cylinder in a strong longitudinal magnetic field. 2021 ;26(2):37-45.
Beletsk, ii NN, Borysenko SA. Electromagnetic wave tunneling through an asymmetric three-layer structure containing a conductive negative-permittivity layer. 2021 ;26(2):3-9.
Linkova АМ. The influence of a fallacy in specific effective scattering surface evaluation on the result of double-frequency retrieval of rain intensity. 2021 ;26(2):16-22.
Sinitsky VB. Investigation of gps signal amplitude fluctuations depending on meteorological factors when passing through a turbulent atmosphere at low elevation angles over the land. 2021 ;26(1):20-27.
Lavrinovich OA, Cherpak MT. On kinetics of superconducting state destruction in a nonlinear coplanar waveguide based on a high-temperature superconductor film. 2021 ;26(1):49-57.
Sova KY, Vakula AS, Polevoy SY, Tarapov SI. A laboratory magnetometer for express measurements of magnetic hysteresis loops. 2021 ;26(2):32-36.
Dzyubenko MI, Kolenov IV, Pelipenko VP, Dakhov NF, Degtyarev AV. Laser rangefinder of relatively eye-safe wavelength range. 2021 ;26(1):41-48.