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Balaban MV, Goncharenko YV, Gorobets VM, Kovorotniy OL, Kivva FV, Farquharson G. Back projection algorithm modification for higher probability of moving target detection in SAR data processing. 2020 ;25(1):38-49.
Holovan OV, Kharchenko VM. A building concept of a promising meteor-burst communication system. 2020 ;25(2).
Holovan OV, Kharchenko VM. Constructing technology of a meteor-burst communication system with code division multiplexing. 2020 ;25(2).
Mytsenko IM, Pedenko YA. Electromagnetic compatibility of passive and active channels of integration radar systems. 2020 ;25(2).
Brovenko AV, Melezhik PN, Poyedinchuk АY, Troschylo АS. Electromagnetic wave diffraction on a “strip grating – ferromagnetic half-space” composite structure: surface-wave resonances. 2020 ;25(1):11-20.
Averkov YO, Prokopenko YV, Yakovenko VM. Energy loss of a charged particle during its interaction with a dielectric cylinder. 2020 ;25(1):60-69.
Kalmykova TV, Tarapov SI, Vakula AS, Gorobets SV, Gorobets OY, Gorobets YI, Bulaevskaya MA, Getmanenko KA. Features of electron spin resonance in biological objects of Pleurotus ostreatus grown on a substrate with magnetite injection. 2020 ;25(2).
Degtyarev AV, Dubinin MM, Maslov VA, Senyuta VS. Focusing of inhomogeneous polarized modes of a laser waveguide dielectric resonator. 2020 ;25(2).
Beletsk, ii NN, Borysenko SA. Influence of frequency dispersion of a negative-permittivity layer on electromagnetic wave tunneling through a three-layer structure. 2020 ;25(2).
Anon. Leonid F. Chernogor (to the 70th anniversary of his birthday). 2020 ;25(2).