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Anti-plagiarism Policy



One of the strict ethical standards of scientific publications is the inadmissibility of many types of plagiarism from cloning to recycling (without attribution). Authors should ensure that they submit only entirely original works; manuscript material has never been published or submitted for publication by some other publishing house.

If plagiarism is detected, either by the editors, peer reviewers or editorial staff at any stage before publication of a manuscript, the authors will be asked to revise the text, and any use of fragments of other people's works, borrowing statements of other authors should be noted in the text of the article and be accompanied by a link to the source. The level of uniqueness of the author’s text is determined using the free online plagiarism checker tools. If plagiarism exceeds the maximum permissible level of 25% of the original, the article is returned to the author along with the verification protocol.

In case of proven fact of plagiarism in manuscript being published, the authors are denied the right to publish all future issues of the Journal, and the text is taken from the archives of the official website of the Journal and other places of publications for which the Journal is responsible.

The RPE Editorial Board takes responsibility to assist a scientific community in all aspects of publication ethics policy, particularly in case of multiple submission/publication and plagiarism.